Wednesday, March 11, 2015

11 March 2015

In Ramadi, the Deputy Anbar Council leader, Faleh al-Issawi, has announced that the city has come under the fiercest ISIL attack for over a year. At least 17 suicide bombers in 7 booby-trapped vehicles attacked from the north and from the west. Two of the vehicles were blown up on one of Ramadi's main bridges, killing 3 security personnel and wounding 7. Two other vehicles were blown up at a military barracks, and two more vehicles were detonated on Street 20 in the city's southern sector. The seventh was detonated on the fringe of the southern sector. Meanwhile, military operations are continuing in the city and an open-ended  curfew has been imposed following reports that ISIL is preparing for a second attack.
The Ramadi general hospital has reported that 3 military personnel and 2 civilians have been killed and 34 others, mainly civilians, have been wounded. In addition to the booby-trapped vehicles ISIL launched at least 100 rockets at various targets in the city's southern sector.
The Anbar Council convened an emergency session with security commanders aimed at re-deploying security forces from the city's outlying areas into the center. Meanwhile, Iraqi and coalition airstrikes have targeted a number of the gunmen's positions in the city.

In Hit, hundreds of families have been abandoning their homes in the township, heading toward the capital, Baghdad, and to the province's western regions. ISIL, however, have prevented some of these families from leaving, intending to use them as human shields. They are also forbidding them from closing their homes.

In northeastern Ramadi, security forces identified 2 booby-trapped vehicles in Hamidhiya and Khalidiya. The vehicles were then detonated remotely.

In Garma, security forces were able today to enter the town center following fierce clashes that killed at least 35 gunmen, according to an Anbar Operations source. Mopping-up operations are continuing there.

In Fallujah, a general hospital source has announced that 6 residents were killed and 3 wounded by the ever-continuing random bombardment exchanges.

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