Wednesday, May 28, 2014

28 May 2014

We take a look first at the reactions to the speech by Nouri Al-Maliki in which he referred to the Anbar crisis and its resolution. The Anbar Governorate Council has welcomed the proposal for a general conference that would resolve the crisis and end the suffering of those who have been displaced, before the month of Ramadan which is due to begin in about 30 days. Favorable opinions have also been expressed by the tribal sheikhs who would also take part in the conference.

On the ground, some military operations have been carried out that resulted in clashes in different parts of Fallujah. Many residential districts have been shelled, resulting in 3 residents being killed and 3 others wounded.
Gunmen have regained control of the southern area of uncompleted buildings belonging to Fallujah University after a battle that lasted several hours.

In Ramadi the news is more positive. Security forces are still surrounding the gunmen in a square-shaped area of the city. Some displaced families have been returning to their homes in the central, eastern, and western districts. Intermittent clashes have been limited to the southern sectors of the city.

There have been some media statements regarding the reports from international organizations about the use of explosive-filled drums and about some of the practices being used by the gunmen groups that may be considered war crimes, particularly in Fallujah. The local government has called on all parties to desist from resorting to such practices that cause large numbers of civilian casualties.

The displaced persons of Anbar are still decrying the lack of services; some of the migrants demonstrated today in the western regions of Anbar, demanding an improvement in services, and the disbursement of the funds allocated by the central government. Meanwhile the local government has issued a press statement, saying that it is going to raise a case against the Iraqi parliament in support of demands for the disbursement of funds.

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