Monday, May 19, 2014

19 May 2014

The announced results of the April 30th parliamentary elections have been described by some of the political blocs and parties as being as expected; the only changes have been the emergence of some new faces in the representatives of Anbar Governorate. The results show:

- The Al-Muttahidoun list with four seats,
- The Wafa'a lil-Anbar list with three seats,
- The Al-Wataniya list with two seats,
- The Al-Arabiya list with two seats,
- The Al-Khalas list with one seat,
- The Idarat Al-Iraq list with one seat.

These will be Anbar's representatives in the new Iraqi parliament; citizens are hoping for a 'qualitative leap' in their representation in Parliament.

Fallujah is still being heavily shelled; the moratorium on military operations is limited to ground action, but air attacks are still being conducted against the gunmen's positions. Meanwhile, the Fallujah General Hospital has announced that 3 people - a woman and 2 children - were killed and 3 others were wounded in the shelling aimed at a number of the city's residential districts, the northern Al-Sichir region, and the Al-Nu'aimiya region to the south.

In Ramadi, the situation is much better than it is in Fallujah; the city is relatively calm but the city's southern sector is still the scene of intermittent clashes.

The displaced Anbaris are calling for speedy action in providing them with financial assistance and food aid to supplement the meager relief that has been provided so far by the various humanitarian organizations.

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