Sunday, May 11, 2014

11 May 2014

Today is the third day of the major military offensive in Fallujah; clashes and shelling are still continuing, with the military forces attempting to enter the city through the Al-Shuhada'a district. The latest casualty figures show that at least 2 people have been killed and 11 others wounded as of right now. Medical reports have emerged about the spread of cholera and bilharzias as a result of the absence of medical treatment and the profusion of garbage and waste matter.

We have witnessed the migration of hundreds of families since Friday (09 May) and the exodus has been going on through today, making their way to Hit, Haditha, Ana, and Rawa townships and elsewhere in the western Anbar regions. The sudden major migration has been the result of everyone having been taken by surprise by the military offensive, particularly since recent reports had indicated that there would not be any military action or incursion into Fallujah. The rush to evacuate has forced many families to flee without being able to carry any necessities, and they have been unable to find any means of transport, so they are making their way on foot for long distances to the outskirts of the city where they were able to find vehicles to transport them westward.

The commander of the 'Golden Division' announced today that his forces have seized control of Amiriyat Al-Fallujah, as well as the Al-Falahat, Al-Nassaf, Al-Bu Alwan, and Al-Halabcha areas that are outside and to the south of Fallujah. The general affirmed that at least 97 ISIL gunmen were killed and more than 10 of their vehicles were set ablaze, in addition to de-fusing numerous explosive devices and booby-trapped cars. The commander went on to say that plans are in place to overrun the Fallujah barrage that is still under the control of the gunmen.

Military sources have today revealed that more than 42,000 military personnel are taking part in the Fallujah offensive. This is a large number and is probably more than the numbers deployed throughout the governorate.

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