Wednesday, May 21, 2014

21 May 2014

The Anbar Governorate Office announced this afternoon that security forces have taken total control of the Al-Hawz, Al-Humaira, Street 60, Al-Andalus, and Al-Thubbat districts of Ramadi's southern sector where military operations have been ongoing for about four months. This is a success, which was achieved after fierce battles that were announced last night by the Anbar Police Commander, General Isma'il Mhalawi.

Meanwhile in Fallujah, offensive operations were launched on two fronts - from Al-Nu'aimiya in the southern sector and from Al-Sichir to the north - but the security forces were unable to penetrate into the city because of the fierce resistance by the gunmen; clashes and battles are still going on, albeit intermittently, in those areas.
Other operations, described by security sources as being pre-emptive, have included shelling targeted at some of the districts where gunmen are positioned according to claims by the security forces. The Fallujah General Hospital has announced that one resident has been killed and 6 others have been wounded in the shelling of Al-Wahda, Al-Askari, Al-Judhaifi, Nazzal, and Al-Julan districts, in addition to the northeastern Al-Risala district.

Late last night it was announced that more than 21,000 have been displaced from the city's southern sector; they are the last of the families who had remained in the that sector. They are today making their way toward Anbar's western regions. The head of the Habbaniya township, Fawzi Zbar, announced that more than 200 families have arrived in the township where they have taken refuge in the township's schools, more than 30 of which have been vacated in order to accommodate them. Mr. Zbari has called on the humanitarian, human rights, and service organizations to provide food aid for these displaced families. Al-Rutba township has also received more than 400 families, as have Hit, Haditha, Rawa, and Al-Qaim townships.

Since last Sunday, the Anbar University has received large numbers of students from the Fallujah University. They are now attending classes at the Anbar University in Ramadi. On Monday, the Anbar University announced that it was providing each of these students with 100,000 Dinars (about 86 USD) per moth, after the central Education Ministry had announced providing them with 50,000 Dinars. We have visited the Anbar University where we observed basically normal activity and we learned that the academic year is to be extended because of the security situation; final exams for this year will probably take place in early August.

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