Monday, May 26, 2014

26 May 2014

According to the Anbar Operations Command sources, the army forces on the Fallujah perimeter are being inspected in preparation for an offensive into the city during the coming few hours. The sources added that the offensive would be launched on more than six fronts around the city. The armed forces are using aircraft and artillery shelling to strike at most of the city's residential districts, including Al-Nu'aimiya and Al-Julan to the south, the city's central districts, and on up to Al-Sichir to the north and northeast. A preliminary count shows that seven residents have been killed and twelve others wounded as a result of the bombardment.

The Relief Aid Organization official in Fallujah, Mohammed Al-Girtani, has said that there are still at least 5,000 families within Fallujah and that there are difficulties in getting them out of the city. Families are also fleeing the city after hearing security reports of an imminent assault on Fallujah within the next few hours or days.

In Ramadi, the military operation in the southern and southwestern sectors of the city is still underway, after the security forces' regaining control of some of the area's districts, but other districts in the southern sector are still the scenes of intermittent clashes between security forces and the groups of gunmen.

The Anbar Governorate Council has warned against launching an offensive on Fallujah, saying that it is opposed to such military operations that would result in numerous civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, those who have been displaced from Ramadi and Fallujah who are now sheltering in school buildings in the western regions of Anbar are still calling for attention to the fact that they have not yet received any of the funds that have been allocated for them.

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