Tuesday, January 27, 2015

27 January 2015

The Anbar Police Commander, Gen. Kadhum Al-Fahdawi, announced today that security forces have established control over the Bu-Ghanim area of northeastern Ramadi, while fighting is still underway since last night in the Shjariya area. Gen. Fahdawi added that security forces have taken control of the industrial zone in Shjariya and that at least 7 gunmen have been killed there. More than 300 explosive devices have also been disarmed.

Ramadi city has been relatively quiet today, but fierce clashes are underway in the city's southern sector. A security source stressed that ISIL forces had intended to launch an attack on central Ramadi from the south but security forces have succeeded in turning them back and in killing at least 11 of the gunmen.

In western Anbar, the Anbar Operations commander has announced that coalition warplanes have carried out a number of missions on areas around Haditha. Reports indicate that about 50 ISIL gunmen were killed in convoys making their way from the Syrian border, via Al-Qaim, Ana, and Rawa.

In the Garma area, major military operations have taken place in the township's industrial zone; at least 23 ISIL gunmen have been killed in the fighting.

In Fallujah, mortar fire is still falling into the city, amid the ongoing bombardment exchanges. 8 residents have been injured in several of the city's residential districts.

A meeting at the Anbar Council among tribal elders and religious scholars has been reviewing the security situation in the province, amid calls for a popular mobilization to fight against ISIL.  

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