Sunday, January 25, 2015

25 January 2015

An Anbar Operations source has announced today that coalition warplanes have targeted an ISIL convoy on the Iraqi-Syrian border, killing 6 gunmen, including a member of the ISIL leadership.
Coalition warplanes have also launched strikes on Ramadi's perimeter, killing 23 ISIL gunmen.

Clashes resumed today in the Khasfa area that lies between Haditha and Ana. Clashes involving 4 ISIL snipers have resulted in the killing of an officer of the 7th Division.
Military operations on the perimeter around Haditha, specifically across the Euphrates from the town have totally secured the area between Alous and Haditha.

Military operations are also continuing, aimed at liberating the Shjariyah area northeast of Ramadi. The Anbar Police commander announced today that 95% of the area is now secure, with some snipers still in position on a number of rooftops. The road linking the area with Ramadi city has also been secured.

In Ramadi, ISIL gunmen attempted to penetrate into the city from the southern Hawz district; however security forces and the intervention of coalition warplanes have turned back the attack. A number of buildings in the Anbar University complex have also come under fire today; at least 50 ISIL gunmen in what has become their Ramadi headquarters were killed.

In Fallujah, a General Hospital source has announced today that 2 residents have been killed and 11 wounded in the resumption of the daily indiscriminate bombardment exchanges. 

Clashes have also resumed in the areas in and around Garma, particularly in the town's industrial zone. Coalition warplanes and Iraqi air support have launched a number of strikes against ISIL positions there, killing a number of the gunmen.

A conference in Anbar including tribal elders, religious scholars, and local government members has stressed the need for a popular mobilization of Anbar citizens, to be supplied by the central government with arms, ammunition, and training, in order to carry on the fight against the ISIL gunmen in the province.  

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