Tuesday, January 13, 2015

13 January 2015

In Fallujah, the indiscriminate exchanges of mortar fire between ISIL gunmen within the city and security forces along its perimeter have resulted in an increased casualty count, as reported by a source at the General Hospital: 13 residents, including 3 women and 3 children have been killed and at least 17 have been wounded in the central and northwestern districts of the city.

In Garma, military operations have been underway in the areas around the town, in the industrial zone. An Anbar Operations source has reported that coalition warplanes have struck a number of targets in Garma and its environs, killing at least 28 ISIL gunmen, including 3 commanders.

In Ramadi, clashes have intensified in the southern sector and western districts. Security and police sources confirm that 3 ISIL snipers have been killed in the Hawz district that has been penetrated by the government forces during the past week.

A 7th Brigade commander in Baghdadi has confirmed that coalition warplanes and Iraqi air support have launched a number of strikes on targets in Haditha, Ana, Rawa, and on toward the Syrian border, killing 'dozens' of ISIL gunmen.

In Haditha, broad military operations in the township have enabled security forces to take control of the main locations in the area and are attempting to clear the area of the gunmen.

The head of the Fallujah municipality, Faisal Issawi, has announced that his local council, together with the Anbar Council have received the central government's approval for the formation of a brigade, consisting of 3,000 fighters, mostly from Anbar, to liberate Fallujah. They are to be trained in various military camps within the province, especially at the Habbaniya military base and the Ayn Al-Asad base at Baghdadi.

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