Monday, May 18, 2015

18 May 2015

In Ramadi, most of which is now under ISIL control, having occupied most of the city’s residential districts and blown up a number of police buildings and military barracks, is now devoid of any security forces. ISIL gunmen have been killing the security personnel they captured, according to sources within the city. The gunmen have also established ‘repentance’ centers at some of the city’s mosques for members of the ‘Awakenings’ and some security personnel.
ISIL gunmen have today succeeded in seizing the Juwayba area in Khalidiya in easternmost Ramadi, where they blew up the local police station. There are still some clashes underway in the southeastern sector of  the Khalidiya area.
Meanwhile there is a heavy security forces presence around Khalidiya and on toward Habbaniya, following the arrival of 3,000 ‘Hashd al-Shaabi’ militiamen from the provincial boundary with Babel Province; local tribal fighters are also being prepared to take part in a major military operation to re-take Ramadi. Iraqi gun ships have also been clearing the access roads toward the western ’35 km’ post where security forces that were forced out of Ramadi have been regrouping before moving on to the ‘160 km’ post.

In Fallujah, 4 residents, including 2 children, have been reported killed and 7 wounded by the ongoing random bombardment exchanges between security forces and the ISIL gunmen holding the city.

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