Tuesday, May 5, 2015

05 May 2015

Security forces have succeeded in thwarting two fierce ISIL attacks against central Ramadi: the first was from the eastern Sufiya area, in which the gunmen attempted to assault the city’s eastern districts, but security forces with Iraqi air support were able to turn back the attackers towards the Sufiya area; the second attack came from the Zankura area in northwestern Ramadi, but security forces with Iraqi air support and units of the ‘Golden’ Division were able to turn back the attack. The Anbar Operations Command has reported that at least 20 ISIL gunmen were killed in the fighting in both areas.
Military operations are still underway in the city’s southern Hawz district, with security forces establishing a broader perimeter around the government complex in the city center.

Iraqi gun ships and coalition warplanes have targeted the Ta’meem area west of Ramadi where at least 9 gunmen were killed.

Military operations are also still underway in Garma; a military source has reported that 3 Iraqi army personnel have been killed and 5 wounded when a booby-trapped house was detonated in Garma township.

In Fallujah, a General Hospital source reported today that 2 residents have been killed and 4 wounded by the ongoing indiscriminate bombardment exchanges between security forces around the city’s perimeter and the ISIL gunmen holding the city.

ISIL has also blown up two schools: on in the Sufiya area and the other in central Ramadi.

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