Thursday, June 18, 2015

18 June 2015

An Anbar Operations source has announced that security forces have today succeeded in overrunning the center of Garma and have established control over broad portions of the center that is regarded as being one of the last of ISIL’s strongholds.

Meanwhile the Anbar Police Command has denied reports that an Iraqi Army helicopter has been shot down.

In Fallujah, clashes and mortar fire have intensified between the security forces along the city’s perimeter and the ISIL gunmen holding the city. The General Hospital reported today that 7 residents, including 2 children and one woman have been killed and 9 wounded by the random bombardment exchanges. 

In Ramadi, strict security measures and precautions are in place amid the military preparations in the city’s suburbs. Iraqi gun ships have again carried out air strikes in a number of Ramadi’s districts, including Hawz and Al-Andalus.

Elsewhere in Anbar, the commanding officer of the Jazeera and Badiya Operations, Nasser Al-Ghannam, has asked the Defense Ministry to relieve him of his command, apparently in response to ‘frivolous’ actions at the Ministry.

Security forces and Iraqi air support have thwarted ISIL attempts to gain control of the Baghdadi and Haditha areas. 

On this first day of Ramadan, hundreds of migrant families are still stalled at the Bzaybiz Bridge crossing and in Amiriyat al-Fallujah, where they are experiencing severe hardships coinciding with the rise in temperatures and the lack of foodstuffs and other humanitarian needs.

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