Wednesday, March 25, 2015

25 March 2015

In Ramadi, security operations are still underway in the eastern areas between Ramadi and Garma. Security forces have successfully disarmed and disassembled 4 booby-trapped vehicles and killed at least 7 ISIL gunmen.
The security forces are also still surrounding the center of Garma after having secured the surrounding areas. Coalition warplanes have also carried out strikes on targets on the town’s outskirts and Anbar Operations sources are reporting that at least 53 gunmen were killed in Garma action today, and at least 6 explosive devices have been disarmed.

Within Ramadi, there have been fierce clashes in the city’s southern sector where ISIL gunmen attempted to attack several barracks, but security forces supported by tribal fighters and ‘Golden Division’ units have repelled the attacks and Iraqi air support has targeted a number of the gunmen’s positions in the Ta’meem district, killing 4 gunmen including one of their commanders.

In Fallujah, a general hospital sources has reported that 11 residents have been wounded by the random bombardment exchanges between security forces surrounding the city and the gunmen holding the city.

In Amiriyat al-Fallujah, ISIL gunmen launched attacks yesterday evening and early this morning on the township’s southwestern sector but security forces have turned them back, killing 3 of the gunmen, and have disarmed a number of explosive devices placed by the gunmen in the area between the town and its southwestern outskirts.

In Baghdadi, the township is still calm and there are no reported security-related incidents.

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